Heart Transplant Association
of St. Louis

What We Do!

The Heart Transplant Association (HTA) provides first -hand experience to those new recipients of a heart transplant or VAD. That expertise is provided for:

Emotional Needs

Many recipients have lots of questions, a large number dealing with which way do I turn. Questions about medications, about the recovery process, about depression. HTA has those folks who have been through it and are willing to share their experiences. The Ambassador program has provided mentors for recipients to answer lots of questions. Click on the Ambassador tab to find out more about the program.

Educational Needs

Information/data is extremely important in the recovery process. Bimonthly support group meetings are held to provide that information. Click on the tab Media/YouTube Videos to review some of the past meetings.

Psychological Needs

Research has shown that the longer you are under an anesthetic, the more it impacts your short term memory.  Support group meetings provide a venue for those recovering to ask such questions.  The beauty of the support group is that those who had their transplant five or ten years ago have experienced such events.  To find out when the next support group meeting will be held, click on the Events tab.

Typical support group meetings

  • The mission of the Heart Transplant Association of St. Louis is to provide emotional, educational, and psychological support to pre- and post-heart transplant patients and VAD patients and their families.